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Expert Translation Quality

Translation Quality can be highly subjective. What one reviewer deems to be a correct translation is often interpreted as wrong by another. TranslateNow believes the best predictor of consistent quality is to use expert human linguists, a well-defined quality process and close communication with our client review teams.

High Quality Human Translation  

In the West, it's often said that "The Customer is King." We prefer the Japanese saying "お客様は神様です" which translates to "The Customer is God." TranslateNow follows this principle and guarantees satisfaction on every word we translate. If you're unhappy with any of our translations or services we'll fix them free of charge. 

Our Standard Workflow

Quality Assurance

Our ISO-compliant processes and quality assurance programs ensure that manufacturing companies always receive the most accurate translations possible. Our translation projects are run through multiple validation steps to ensure each job is done with precision to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. 

Regulatory Compliance Experts

Regulations regarding translations in industries like life sciences and financial services are constantly changing. In addition, many translation requirements vary depending on what product or service is being offered and what region you are planning to enter. The team at TranslateNow has years of experience helping companies navigate the complexities of staying compliant when entering new markets. 

Certified Translations

TranslateNow offers free quality certifications for all translations in the life science, financial services, and other regulated industries. "Certificates of Accuracy" are important documents that accompany your translations to ensure they were accurately carried out by qualified linguists. We can also provide notarized translations to those that require it. 

Expert Linguists

TranslateNow is fortunate to work with Asia's most accomplished, professional translators. All of our linguists translate only into their native language, have at least 5 years of professional experience and specialize in verticals like legal, software or medical device translation. All are thoroughly vetted and certified to only work on the subject matter they have been trained in.

Free Translation Review

Do you suspect your translation supplier might be cutting corners? Do your translations seem stiff and robotic? Are complaints piling up from your overseas review teams? Stop pulling out your hair and get quantitative metrics from the industry's first free Translation Grader™ 

The J2450 Translation Quality Metric

The J2450 Translation Quality Metric was developed by the automotive industry to help combat the subjectiveness of in-country translation review. The quality metric established a consistent standard against which the quality of translation can be objectively measured regardless of the source and target language and regardless of how the translation is performed (Human vs. MT) Included in the metric are 7 error categories each with a specific weight. In the event of a linguistic discrepancy, we deploy the J2450 metric to better quantify serious vs. subjective errors.