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Life Science Translations

We help the world’s largest life science brands succeed globally by providing high quality medical device, healthcare and pharmaceutical translation and localization services into 90+ languages. Our strict ISO 9001 driven quality process assures you’ll receive the highest quality translations and maintain regulatory compliance in all major world markets.

Localization Solutions in Any Format

TranslateNow provides expert, certified medical translations for life science organizations in any file format and any language. Our experienced team provides turnkey translations of IFUs/DFUs, Online Help, Laboratory Notes, Clinical Trial Documents, Package Inserts, Regulatory Documents, eLearning Modules, Training Materials and more.

Medical Device Localization

TranslateNow’s medical device localization team are subject matter experts that can provide translation solutions for every phase of your product lifecycle. This includes product training and documentation, regulatory submissions, software localization and testing, multimedia localization, country-specific marketing translation, transcreation and more.

Quality Assurance

Translations for the life sciences industry demands premium quality. TranslateNow only uses medical translators and editors with advanced professional degrees, technical writing experience as well as native linguistic skills to work on these important projects. Many possess an MS, MD, and PhD in all areas of life sciences including medical device, biotech, pharma and healthcare. Every life science project is managed by at least two accredited linguists and an extensive QC process.

Internally, we use the J2450 Translation Quality Metric, which was developed by the automotive industry to help combat the subjectiveness of in-country translation review. The quality metric established a consistent standard against which the quality of translation can be objectively measured regardless of the source and target language. Please contact us for more information on our QC process.

TranslateNow also offers free quality certifications for all translations in the life science industry. “Certificates of Accuracy” are important documents that accompany your translations to ensure they were accurately carried out by qualified linguists. We can also provide notarized translations to those that require it.

Global Regulatory Compliance

Providing accurate, on-time submissions to regulatory organizations is one of the most challenging yet important pieces of a life science company. Country-specific submissions can take weeks or months. TranslateNow’s vast pool of linguistic regulatory experts is well-versed in working with many of the in-country health authorities, including China’s SFDA, South Korea’s KFDA, China’s SFDA among others. For more on this, read TranslateNow's regulatory insights in Slator here.

Regulations regarding translations in the life sciences industry are constantly changing. In addition, medical translation requirements vary depending on what product or service is being offered and what region you are planning to enter. The team at TranslateNow has years of experience helping medical device companies navigate the complexities of staying compliant when entering new markets.

Translation of Employee Communications

Clear communications in a life science organization are incredibly important. Inaccurate translations can lead to a botched partnership with another company or worse yet, an irreversible human mistake. To meet these needs, TranslateNow can localize and of your business communications, from employee training and internal communications to investor and public relations.