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Interpreting & BPO

TranslateNow offers a suite of professional interpreting services for businesses across the globe. Our certified interpreters are available for any of your interpretation needs, from business meetings, legal depositions, hospitals, court trials, government agencies, schools, international conferences, tours and more. Services offered include consecutive, simultaneous, medical, court-certified, over-the-phone, video remote and travel related interpreting services.

Interpreting Services

Conference Services

We specialize in providing the highest quality linguistic talent, as well as managing the complexities of coordinating multilingual support for events of all sizes. For your next event or conference, our conference services team can provide world-class interpretation and multilingual conferences services that will enable your multilingual dealings to go as smoothly as possible.

Our dedicated client service professionals have the experience and expertise to leave you stress-free and focused on your event. In addition, our interpreters know that accurate interpretation requires critical, split-second decisions to best convey information, meaning, and tone in another language. Having worked with CNN, ExxonMobil, Pfizer, VISA International, and the White House, we are a trusted name in interpretation and conference support. With resources around the globe, we meet your event needs on any timetable, in any location.

Consecutive Interpreting

The most popular mode of interpretation, consecutive interpreting is when a speaker speaks in concise phrases, pausing frequently to allow the interpreter to interpret each phrase to the listener. This is often needed to help facilitate communication in medical and legal settings.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is used regularly in formal business conferences and sometimes in legal settings. The interpreter interprets everything as it is being spoken, with a delivery lag of just a second or two behind the speaker. In these situations, the audience who need interpretation have earpieces with a feed of the interpreter's voice. This mode of interpreting usually requires a team of at least two interpreters for each language being interpreted and frequent breaks are necessary for the interpreters to maintain a high level of accuracy.

Court Certified Interpreting

Court interpreting requires rigorously trained interpreters, and TranslateNow’s court certified interpreters in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and all major languages.  Our court certified interpreters work at attorney-client meetings, depositions, trials, arbitration, mediation, and legal translation for both criminal and civil cases.  We also provide interpreters for immigration and citizenship interviews.

Over-the-Phone Interpreting

TranslateNow delivers professional, on-demand, over-the-phone interpreting (OPI). Having an interpreter over the phone can be more convenient and save on costs. TranslateNow has phone interpreters standing by to perform services in more than 100 languages. Our OPI workforce is carefully selected and trained in interpretation skills and specific industry practices and terminologies to be best in class. You’ll find our team to be professional, courteous, and focused on complete and accurate interpretation in any circumstance, to provide you with the best OPI experience possible.

Video Remote Interpreting

TranslateNow's video remote interpreting (VRI) solution enables voice & video conferences between clients, qualified language interpreters, and non-native-speaking customers. TranslateNow's VRI solutions make video remote interpreting easy by using any standard computer or mobile device. Our robust and highly secure business class video connectivity platform is accessible from any customer site with an internet connection.

Medical Interpreting

The demand for medical interpreters is increasing to assist patients where English is a second language. Our National Board and CCHI medical certified interpreters are specifically trained to work in hospitals, clinics, doctors offices and medical malpractice cases. They are also available to provide services for simple examinations, treatment and diagnosis of illnesses. Our medical certified interpreters are available over the phone or via our video remote interpretation platform.

Dedicated Call Center Support (BPO)

Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) program can be customized to fit your call volume and language requirements, eliminating the cost of hiring additional staff. From first-level support for non-English speaking customers to automatically routing calls to your in-house interpreters (using our agents as failover resources), we have a solution to fit your call center staffing needs. In some instances, your human resources department may need quick access to specific talent; in others, they may not have the language skills necessary to select and assess the best candidate. We have the ability to help staff any position, ranging from Customer Service Representatives all the way to VP of Call Center Operations.