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Translation Services

TranslateNow provides expert, turn-key translation services into 100+ world languages. We utilize advanced technology to eliminate repeat content saving our clients valuable time and money. Contact us today for a better translation experience.

We Translate Any Document

TranslateNow provides expert translations for software and documents in any file format and any language. Our experienced team provides turn-key translation and localization solutions into 90+ languages including contracts, patents, user manuals, online help, marketing collateral, eLearning modules, software UI and more. No need to export to Word or Excel since we handle all major file formats including FrameMaker, Indesign, Office even scanned or handwritten documents.

We Deliver Consistent Quality

The best way to ensure great quality is to use the best professional translation teams. TranslateNow maintains strong relationships with thousands of professional linguists and has the ability to contact many of them within an hour’s notice. A second professional translation team is also available to review the original translations and check them for things like tag issues, translation errors, inconsistencies, grammar and readability. Our ISO 9001 driven quality assurance process guarantees all of our work. If you are not completely satisfied with any translation we’ll fix them free of charge.

We Speak Your Language

TranslateNow supports translating to and from all major world languages. Our deep relationships with linguists cover 90+ languages and ensure your project will be completed quickly and with quality. For a detailed list of some of the more popular languages contact us at

We Have Transparent Pricing

TranslateNow believes in transparency. We want your repeat business and vow to only charge for the work we do. We don’t believe in change orders, up-charges, rush fees, project minimums and other tricks commonly used in the industry. The same is true for scheduling – in the unlikely event that we can’t meet your deadline we’ll tell you upfront and work on a solution that provides the fastest delivery without sacrificing quality.

We Offer Throwback Service

Unfortunately, technological advancement has had a negative effect on customer service in almost all industries including translations. While others have offshored product management and other critical client support functions, TranslateNow is local, full-service and available to make sure your projects are running smoothly and delivered on-time. Say goodbye to frustrating late night conference calls and unintelligible emails and experience the TranslateNow difference at

We Practice Lean Translation

Lean Translation is a systematic way of reducing waste and inefficiency for anything that doesn’t add value to the translation ecosystem process. TranslateNow utilizes lean principles to reduce cost and streamline the production process allowing our team to focus on high-value tasks. Contact us for our white paper describing how Lean Translation can transform help your localization process.