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Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Multilingual DTP is an important part of the translation process – without it typos, accent markets and formatting errors will lead to trust issues with your customers. TranslateNow provides turn-key multilingual DTP services in all major languages including Arabic, Hebrew and double-byte Asian languages. We work with all major tools including Structured & Unstructured FrameMaker, Illustrator, InDesign, Captivate, AutoCAD and all major applications. 

100+ Supported Formats

MS Office, Google Docs, Adobe Creative Cloud, Scanned PDFs etc…

.indd  .ai  .doc   .dot   .docx   .docm   .dotx   .dotm   .rtf   .odt   .ott     .xls   .xlt    .xlsx   .xlsm    .xltx    .xltm    .ods    .ots    .csv    .tsv    .ppt   .pps   .pot   .pptx   .pptm   .ppsx   .ppsm   .potx   .potm   .odp   .otp     .htm   .html   .xhtml   .xml   .dtd   .json.   .yaml   .bmp   .png   .gif   .jpeg   .tiff    .pdf   .txt   .zip  and more…

Multimedia and eLearning

TranslateNow offers multimedia DTP for eLearning, film, video and voiceovers. We have many years of experience localizing training videos and eLearning courses and the technical and linguist skills to localize all of your multimedia content. 

Help file translation and compilation

TranslateNow has extensive experience with all help file formats ensuring your localized help files remain functional across all languages. Common formats we work with include .html, .chm, hlp, rtf, pdf, .xpj and mpj. Our large team of professional DTP professionals assures that we can deliver the most demanding help file projects.  

Scanned & Handwritten Logs/Manuals

Buyers of aircraft and industrial equipment that have operated in foreign countries often require large volumes of paperwork to be translated before a sale can be completed. Maintenance manuals, log books and other technical documentation is often handwritten and difficult to decipher for even the most experienced of translators. TranslateNow has years of experience automating the tedious task of scanning & transforming important foreign documents from/into all major world languages.

OCR: Multilingual Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a tool commonly used in the translation process. OCR is used to convert files such as PDF, images and scanned content into an editable format like Microsoft Word. Our powerful OCR technology supports  75 languages and we even have the ability to work with multilingual handwritten content. Our professional desktop publishing team recreates the exact format of your translated files ensuring the highest quality output.