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Experts in Asian Languages

Sentence structure in Asian languages is vastly different from those used elsewhere. This makes translating and localizing Chinese, Japanese and other Asian languages more complex and difficult to deliver. The TranslateNow team has 20 plus years of localization experience in Asia ensuring your project will be completed on time and with the highest level of quality.

TransPerfect buys TNOW

World's Top Language Firm expands into Shenzhen

TransPerfect buys TranslateNow

NEW YORKJune 19, 2018 / TransPerfect, today announced it has completed the acquisition of TranslateNow…more info

2018 Trends in Translation

CEO on trends in the localization industry

TranslateNow talks about future trends

San Francisco, CA. – (Feb 16, 2018) –Demand for translation is heating up for certain SE Asian languages like Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian….read full article

TranslateNow in Asia Times

Article discusses OBOR Localization Opps

TranslateNow featured in Asia Times

San Francisco, CA. – (Jul 17, 2017) – TranslateNow CEO, Matt Arney was featured in Asia Times article on OBOR and opportunities for the localization industry…read full article

20+ Years Experience

TranslateNow provides expert, Asian language translations for software, marketing collateral and business documents in any file format in any language. Our team collectively has more than two decades of experience providing turnkey translation and localization solutions into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, and over 10 other common Asian languages.

  • User Manuals
  • Technical Documentation
  • Patents and Patent Applications
  • Training Manuals
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Product Specifications
  • User Generated Content

Neural Machine Translation

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is a breakthrough approach to machine translation that uses a large artificial neural network to predict the likelihood of a sequence of words. The cost for translating documents using Neural Machine Translation can be up to 50% less than when using a traditional TEP (translation, editing & proofreading) process. Neural Machine Translation is not suitable for all languages or materials. Regulated materials, sensitive data, marketing collateral and other customer-facing content should always be translated and proofread by professional human translators. To learn more, contact us today at info@translatenow.com

Interpretation & BPO

We are the world’s leading provider of device-independent, real-time remote interpretation services. Our state-of-the-art technology, secure contact centers, and expert interpreters enable users to access a wide range of solutions within seconds—in over 170 languages.

Professional Translators

TranslateNow works with the world’s most accomplished, professional translators. Our linguists translate only into their native language and have at least five years of professional experience. We specialize in verticals such as Legal, Manufacturing, Software and the Life Sciences. All linguists are thoroughly vetted, certified, and only translate for subject matters in which they have experience and training in.

Technical Writing

It is increasingly common for Asia-based companies to author their content using non-native English-speaking writers. This can lead to impressions of poor quality, increased support costs, and lower international revenue. The TranslateNow native English-speaking writing teams help edit content and ensure that both language and presentation are suitable for Western audiences. This also has a major impact on quality when translating into other locations around the world. For more information on TranslateNow’s writing and editing services, contact us at info@translatenow.com

Quality Assurance

Our ISO 9001 processes and detailed quality assurance programs ensure that companies always receive the most accurate translations possible. Our translation projects are run through multiple validation steps to ensure each job is done with precision to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. Click the image for a detailed look at our workflow. 

Client Spotlight

Shenzhen-based crazybaby is a pioneer in the futuristic-design of personal wireless audio products as well as a software services provider. Designed, marketed, and sold in 130 countries under the crazybaby brand, its acoustic products include Mars, Luna, Air by crazybaby, and Air by crazybaby (NANO). TranslateNow assists crazybaby’s efforts in going global by providing professional translation, localization and editing services in multiple languages.