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About Us

TranslateNow’s mission is to help companies in the US and Asia drive international revenue through improved global communications. We are led by a team of seasoned localization professionals passionate about blending language with the world’s most advanced technology.  Over the years our team has successfully delivered tens of thousands of projects for the world’s most iconic companies including P&G, Huawei, Boston Scientific, Baidu, Amazon, Jaguar Land Rover and hundreds of others.

The core of our business is centered around service. With most language companies headquartered offshore, there is a massive communication gap between translation suppliers and buyers in the US and Asia. Frustrating late night conference calls, language & cultural barriers and network issues all play a part in communication breakdowns and costly project delays. We’re out to change things with instant quotes, easy-to-use client portals, text-based delivery notifications and 24/7, bilingual support. As one of the few language solution providers with offices in San Francisco and Shenzhen, you’ll love our friendly, responsive service all at an amazing value.

TranslateNow, LLC

San Francisco HQ

101 California Street #2710
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 634-8888

China HQ

20F Dongfeng Bldg, Luohu
Shenzhen, China 518000
WeChat: translatenow