TranslateNow provides expert, turn-key translation and language solutions to startups and F500 enterprises  

Translation & Localization Solutions

TranslateNow provides expert translation of technical manuals and technical documents in all major file formats. Our trusted team provides turn-key solutions into 100+ languages for user guides, technical manuals, service manuals, IFUs, DFUs, technical brochures, data sheets and more. We use only professional human translators for all technical translations. All of our translators exclusively translate into their native languages to ensure the highest translation quality possible. We are serious about quality and only employ only the best translators in the industry.

Companies need more than translation to succeed on the global stage. TranslateNow offers a full suite of services to help you thrive in overseas markets. We offer International PR, Global Corporate Identity, technical writing, logo and website (re)design and custom marketing collateral in all major languages. For more detail click here

TranslateNow offers the first solution for integrating payments, marketing, support, translations and lead generation specifically targeting Mandarin speaking customers in China and the US. With a bilingual team in the US and mainland China, we offer real-time 24/7 support for businesses looking to improve their conversion metrics in this massive demographic.

Legal and Medical Transcription

TranslateNow delivers highly accurate, precise transcriptions to the world's most demanding organizations. Unlike others in the industry our transcription work is done 100% by hand - every word is always typed and reviewed by humans. We provide transcription services for all major industries including medical, legal, business, academic, media etc. Supported file types include MP3, MP4, WMV, AIFF, DSS, M4A, MOV, AVI, VOB, AMR, WMA, OGG and more

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

TranslateNow provides multilingual DTP services in all major languages including Arabic, Hebrew and double-byte Asian languages. We work with all major tools including FrameMaker, PhotoShop, InDesign, Google Docs, Office and many others. 

English Neutralization

Never start translation projects using documentation and collateral prepared by non-native English speakers. TranslateNow's experienced technical writing team provides English Neutralization editing services to better prepare your files for translation and release here in the US. 

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