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Legal Translations

We help the world’s most iconic law firms and in-house legal teams succeed globally by providing high quality, human translation and localization services into 100+ languages. Whether it’s document translation, e-Discovery or litigation support, we’re always available to assist with any of your legal translation needs.

Trusted Partner of Law Firms Worldwide

At TranslateNow, we deliver multiple solutions across all field areas including intellectual property, tax, personal injury, environmental, criminal and more. We are a trusted provider for Global 100 law organizations, but also for the legal teams at financial, life science, technology, manufacturing companies and more.

Neural Machine Translation

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is a breakthrough approach to machine translation that uses a large artificial neural network to predict the likelihood of a sequence of words. The cost for translating documents using Neural Machine Translation can be up to 50% less than when using a traditional TEP (translation, editing & proofreading) process. Neural Machine Translation is not suitable for all languages or materials. Regulated materials, sensitive data, marketing collateral and other customer-facing content should always be translated and proofread by professional human translators. To learn more, contact us today at

Secure and Regulatory Compliant

We guarantee the security and privacy of your data and sensitive documents throughout the entire localization process. TranslateNow’s fully vetted translators and reviewers ensure that our translations are regulatory compliant. Our secure IT infrastructure and quality control process safeguards your data and makes certain that all of your documentation remains confidential.

Deep Legal Expertise

Our team will translate any document, from SEC filings, tax forms, court documents, witness statements, wills and trusts, depositions, contracts, demand letters, memorandums of conversation, subpoenas and more.

Quality Assurance

Our ISO-compliant processes and quality assurance programs ensure that manufacturing companies always receive the most accurate translations possible. Our translation projects are run through multiple validation steps to ensure each job is done with precision to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. 

Legalese in Every Language

TranslateNow supports all major world languages for your translation needs. Our deep relationships with professional linguists across the globe covers 100+ languages and ensure all translation projects will be completed quickly and with quality. 

EB-5 Visa Translations

Immigrant investors applying to start-up their business in the United States need certified translations to successfully pass the rigorous government screening process. A proper EB-5 translation is often the determining factor for whether or not immigrant investors receive their visa. At TranslateNow, we have helped immigration attorneys, regional centers and investors in the past who represent overseas clients and require official translation assistance. Download our guide that outlines all the legal documentation needed for your client’s EB-5 visa.