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China's eCommerce Market %

China Payments Integration

In 2016, it's expected that China's ecommerce market will grow 20% to over 800 million dollars more than two times that of the US. Of this, just 1% of all transactions are conducted with a Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover card. Instead, users opt for UnionPay, AliPay and WeChatPay as their preferred payment choice. We can help you quickly add all major payment solutions to your existing checkout process and gain access to hundreds of millions of new customers.

Bilingual Chat Agents

All TranslateNow agents are bilingual in English/Chinese organized, friendly and highly responsive. Agents also undergo extensive product/service training in order to act as an extension of your sales and marketing team. Our agents have been successfully servicing users on WeChat for more than five years and reside in both Los Angeles and Shenzhen, China.

Lead Generation/Qualification

We prequalify buyers over WeChat in order to improve the potential of closing more deals. We help to develop a comprehensive list of questions so that only buyers with a high likelihood to buy are directed to your sales team. By gathering answers to questions we can prioritize leads gathered and focus only on those that are likely to convert to sales.

With the growth of Chinese speaking residents in the US there are great benefits to having specialized training for the sales people in any industry. Our content was developed by leading experts in China and the US and will better prepare sales teams (Both Chinese and non-Chinese speaking) for this huge influx of Chinese buyers.

China Readiness Training

Custom QR Codes

Users agree to follow a brand on WeChat by scanning the QR code with their mobile phone. Because the QR scanner is embedded in the WeChat app, connecting with the brand is a seamless process. Once connected, the user is pushed content in the form of news, promotions and discounts. This allows brands a much more personalized level of interaction with their fans. WeChatNow helps brands to redesign brochures, business cards, websites, promos w/ custom QR codes in order to increase their following.

Local Chinese Marketing

Companies need more than translation and a WeChat account to succeed in penetrating the Chinese speaking community. TranslateNow offers a suite of marketing services to help drive revenue and thrive across all major markets in the United States. Services include international public relations, global corporate Identity, QR code strategy, Weibo promotions, graphic design, media buying and other digital services to effectively promote your WeChat account. 

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