Strategic Global Branding

Companies need more than translation to succeed on the global stage. TranslateNow offers a full suite of services to help you drive revenue and thrive in overseas markets. Global branding services include international public relations, global corporate identity, graphic design, international e-commerce and multilingual writing and editing services.

Global Corporate Identity

Not all brands translate well across borders. There are huge differences between Eastern and Western culture with logos, visuals, brochures and overall messaging. TranslateNow offers cross-cultural strategic consulting in the area of international corporate identity to make sure your brand is set apart from the competition and easily recognizable by your multi-cultural customers.


TranslateNow provides expert, certified translations for life science documents in any file format and any language. Our experienced team provides turnkey translation and localization solutions into 100+ languages for IFUs/DFUs, Online Help, Laboratory Notes, Clinical Trial Documents, Package Inserts, Regulatory Documents, eLearning Modules, Training Materials and more.

Global Marketing

Brand Development

Graphic Design

Enterprise Website Adaption

The most cost effective way to enter new markets is to translate and localize websites and test various marketing strategies. For businesses to succeed globally they must first think local. TranslateNow can assist with translating and adapting your website for hundreds of languages across the globe.

Global Marketing

Companies need more than translation and a WeChat account to succeed in penetrating the Chinese speaking community. We offer a suite of marketing services to help drive revenue and thrive across all major markets in the United States. Services include international public relations, global corporate Identity, QR code strategy, Sina Weibo promotions, graphic design, media buying and other digital services to effectively promote your WeChat account.