TranslateNow delivers innovative communication solutions that drive revenue for companies in the two largest economies on earth. With offices in San Francisco and Shenzhen, we specialize in high-impact localization, China payment integration, WeChat setup/mkg and global guerrilla marketing.


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TranslateNow helps drives revenue in the two largest economies on earth. We are made up of a group of international business veterans with a passion for delivering an amazing customer experience. With most language companies headquartered overseas, there is a massive cultural gap between suppliers and customers. Frustrating late night conference calls, unintelligible emails, network delays and broken English all play a major part in communication breakdowns and costly project delays. We’re out to change that by providing culturally fluent language solutions to F500 companies in China and the US. 

A major focus at TranslateNow is on China. Our mission is to help facilitate trade through improved communication and better access to overseas markets. Besides translation/localization, we help companies in the US accept China payments (WeChatPay, AliPay and UnionPay) and get up and running on WeChat & Tmall/Taobao. We also assist China-based companies with Western branding, corporate identity & public relations.

As one of the few lanaguge solutions providers headquartered in San Francisco,  we're confident you’ll experience local, premium service at an amazing value.

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