TranslateNow Releases White Paper on Lean Translation

Customization of the Entire Process is Key

May 23, 2016 (San Francisco, Calif.) – TranslateNow, a leader in enterprise translation management, announced today the release of its first white paper on Lean Translation. Here is an excerpt from the paper titled “Designing a Lean Translation Ecosystem”:

Ask your average professional what “lean” means and you will likely get the following answers: Lean means simplification. Lean means downsizing. Lean is just a quick way to reduce costs.

But lean can neither be reduced to a single business benefit nor known by a single name. “Lean Methodology” is sometimes called “Lean Manufacturing” or “Lean Production.” The essence of lean is a set of principles—which commit your organization to continuously improving all production processes and delivering value to clients.

Matt Arney, CEO and Co-Founder of TranslateNow, was also featured today in Slator on Lean Translation here

About TranslateNow

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Elena McCoy
VP Communications